• Display circuit design and analysis

   <Detailed research Topics>

   AMOLED Pixel Circuit
   Sensor and Detector
   Circuit Measurement


We are interested in the AMOLED pixel circuit for high resolution and transparent display. Using a few kinds of TFTs(a-Si, LTPS, and a-IGZO), we simulate pixel circuits having a high performance and achieve accurate output data against variation of threshold voltage, mobility, and OLED degradation. Recently, we start looking at display sensor and detector such as active pixel sensor (APS) and Si sensor array based on TFTs. After obtaining the simulation result, we have measured display circuit performance fabricated on glass or wafer. Through these measurement and analysis, we verified performance of display circuits and develop next generation circuits.


















• Semiconductor fabrication technology and analysis

   <Detailed research Topics>

   Oxide based on Thin-film transistor fabrication
   Flexible device fabrication
   Device electrical stability enhancement


The research of our group focuses on the oxide based on thin-film transistor fabrication and Flexible device fabrication. Also Enhancement of electrical stability of thin-film transistor researched. Various material based on thin-film transistor are engineered to enhance device functionalities, such as thin-film transistor structure, mobility, threshold voltage, sub-threshold swing.




• MEMS Design and Fabrication

   <Detailed research Topics>

   MEMS Switch
   Devices on Flexible and Stretchable substrate
   Wearable Computer System


We are interested in the MEMS design and fabrication. Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) is a technology that in its most general form can be defined as miniaturized mechanical and electro-mechanical elements (i.e., devices and structures) that are made using the techniques of micro-fabrication. We have demonstrated that various type of MEMS devices from relatively simple structures having no moving elements to complex electromechanical systems with moving elements. More recently, we start looking at MEMS devices on the flexible and stretchable substrate. This technology can be merged onto a common silicon or glass, flexible substrate along with integrated circuits.

























• Metamaterials from microwave to optics

   <Detailed research Topics>

   Terahertz Metamaterials
   Nonlinear Optics with Metamaterials
   Metamaterial based Energy Harvesting System


We are also interested in the metamaterial design and analysis. Metamaterials can manipulate the optical properties and exhibit the exotic properties that cannot be realized in nature. Recently, we start looking at terahertz metamaterials and their applications such as optical filter, sensing, and energy harvesting. These studies pave the way to the novel exotic metamaterial applications in the near future.


• Thin-film based power IC design

   <Detailed research Topics>

   Power IC
   Analog Circuit
   Wireless Power Transfer


We are interested in the analog circuit for wireless power transfer. Using various kinds of the thin-film transistors, we investigate the power IC for display driving systems on the glass. Recently, we start looking at an adaptive DC-DC converter for use in power supply circuits. Those circuits and systems have received a lot of attention in System-On-Glass (SOG) applications because it is possible to build a fully display driving systems on a glass substrate for future displays.




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