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IDW '23, Niigata, Japan December 6 - December 8, 2023 (Wen. - Fri.), TOKI MESSE Niigata Convention Center Depletion-Mode a-IGZO TFT Pixel Circuit Compensating for Capacitance Deviation and Threshold Voltage Shift Hyunwoo Kim, Jinho Moon, Yongchan Kim, and Hojin Lee Abstract In this paper, we propose a novel pixel circuit using source follower scheme method compensating for threshold voltage (VTH) shifts of driving TFT (DR TFT) and storage capacitance deviations based on amorphous indium-gallium-zinc-oxide (a-IGZO) thin-film transistors (TFTs). The proposed pixel circuit is composed of six TFTs and two capacitors. Simulation results confirmed that, when the VTH of the driving TFT and storage capacitance varies up to ±2 V and ±20%, the OLED current error could be suppressed to 5.1%, and 8.0%, respectively.
IDW '23, Niigata, Japan December 6 - December 8, 2023 (Wen. - Fri.), TOKI MESSE Niigata Convention Center Adaptive Frequency Driving Scan Driver for Low Power Display based on a-InGaZnO TFTs Jinho Moon, Hyunwoo Kim, Yongchan Kim, and Hojin Lee Abstract In this paper, a scan driver combined with logic circuit using amorphous indium-gallium-zinc-oxide (a-InGaZnO) thin-film transistors (TFTs) is proposed. Logic circuit masks the output signal from the scan driver in order to control the driving frequency. Proposed frequency adaptive scan driver is expected to reduce power consumption depending on the display contents.
NK2023, Oslo, Norway Sept 26 - Sept 29, 2023 (Tue. - Fri.), Scandic Holmenkollen Park Hotel Energy Focusing Single-Layer Metasurface for Powering Small Unmanned Vehicles Wonwoo Lee, and Hojin Lee Abstract Metasurfaces, that is artificially engineered two-dimensional planar metamaterials, are attracting significant consideration to achieve various functionalities including negative refractive index, anomalous refraction, and planar lenses owing to their capability in manipulating the phase, amplitude, and polarization of electromagnetic waves. In particular, due to their low profile and ease of fabrication characteristics, metasurface lenses that convert an incident plane wavefront into a spherical wavefront could be respectable candidate to solve the problem of power reception and efficiency degradation by focusing the spreading electromagnetic waves, and have become indispensable elements for planar optical devices, compared to conventional optical devices generally rely on gradual phase accumulation in bulk materials. Especially, phase gradient metasurfaces have been highlighted as a promising candidate for realizing electromagnetic-wave-focusing characteristics by manipulating the wavefront through controlling the spatial phase and transmission profiles of metasurfaces. Herein, we propose a single-layer phase-gradient metasurface lens that is capable of effectively controlling the spatial phase and transmission distribution with low-Q resonance properties, as well as with incident angle independency over a wide operating frequency band. From the experimental results, we confirm that the proposed metasurface exhibits electromagnetic-wave-focusing characteristics at 22.5 ...
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